Ceramic BeadsThe alumina  ceramic beads from HeatMent™ is manufactured by dry press method and is sintered at temperature upto 1650°C. The production is under careful selection of high grade alumina (95% Al2O3) by “RESISTEK”, a sister company of HeatMent™, thus the stability is maximumly ensured. It enjoys high temperature resistance, excellent insulating property, and efficient thermal conductivity and heat transfer.

Thanks to its excellent characteristics, the ceramic beads is widely used as components of ceramic heating pad at operations of pre and post weld heat treatment, welding process, stress-relieving, ship-building, other heat-resistance-environment.



Ceramic BeadsTechnical Data                                                             Available Ceramic Beads
Alumina Content: 95%  Al2O3                                       Main Body Bead (with Hole)
Bulk Density Fired: 3.65-3.70g/cm³                               Male End Bead (with Hole)
Grain Size: 6um                                                              Female End Bead (with Hole)
Mohs Hardness: 9                                                          Small & Large Tail Bead
Rockwell Hardness: 78(R45N)                                       Tank Track Bead
Compressive Strength: 2000 MPa                                 Channel Heater Bead
Flexural Strength: 320 Mpa(ASTMC1161,3 point)         Finger Heater Beads
Young’s Modulus: 325 Gpa
Thermal Conductivity: 21W/ m³

As parts of flexible ceramic pad heater, preheater, tank track heater, channel heater, finger heater element  at operations of pre and post weld heat treatment; welding process, stress-relieving, pre-heating & post heating, ship-building, other resistance-heating environment.

Compared with hot press method in the market, it proves higher density, bettter surface finish and better uniformity, and can be repeatedly used much longer. It enjoys excellent thermal condictivity and heat transfer, resistance against thermal shock and mechanical abuse.

* Available in Pink and White. Other colors can be custom made for bulk quantity request.               Inquire Now…