The 4 bank channel heater element has been designed to provide modular heating units of a robust design suitable for connection to a mains or low voltage electrical supply. The 4 bank channel heater are portable and solid and are suitable for use in temporary furnace design or for the heat treatment of pressure vessel welds and sections,or other large fabrications. Heat transfer to the component is effected by combined radiation and convection.

The 4 bank channel heater are suitable for heat treatment temperatures upto 800°C. Temperatures above this value can be achieved by variation of the composition of the case/coiled wire and heater design. Standard heaters are supplied for arange of voltages upto 240V.

4 bank channel heater should deliver a current of 55 amps and unit heaters are designed for arange of voltages be tween 30 and 277V. The higher rating permits the connection of the heaters in groups of three to suit3-phase supplies. The heaters may be mounted onto supports for vessel heat treatments or directly to the components as may be suitable. Avoid contaminants (grease,paint,oiletc) on the metal surface.

HMT Code                  Description                   Width ,mm,     Length, mm      Volts,         kW      Weight, kg
HMT3025                     Single Channel                      70                       400                    30             1.65            2.5
HMT6039                     Single Channel                      70                       720                    60             3.3               3.9
HMT60155                   4-Bank channel                     360                     720                    60             13.2            15.5
HMT110155                 4-Bank channel                    360                     720                    110           13.2            15.5
HMT240155                 4-Bank channel                    360                     720                    240           13.2            15.5