Flexible Ceramic Pad HeaterOur flexible ceramic pad heater, also called ceramic mat heater, is manufactured with quality multi-strand 80/20 nichrome heating wire(NiCr80/20)and high alumina ceramic beads. It has standard 9″ cold tail length which is welded to the heating wire with pure nickle wire to keep the 60A brass camlock connector from being heated .

The ceramic bead is made of sintered 95% alumina(95% Al2O3). It enjoys high temperature resistance, excellent insulating property, and efficient thermal conductivity, which provides “FCP” heaters with exceptional electrical insulation,and thermal shock resistance and thermal conductivity qualities.

Designed for pre and post weld heat treatments (PWHT), our flexible ceramic pad heaters (FCP heater) functions efficiently whether they are used in a curved or flat application, and are available in an extensive list of sizes with voltages ranging from 30 volts to 255 volts, using different connectors among different countries, either Engligh camlock connector, or DINSE welding cable connectors.

It is available mainly in two standard voltage, 80V and 60V. We are ready to make any custom design heater as well.     Inquire Now !

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