heating wireStranded Nichrome Heating Wire

Material: NiCr80/20, NiCr60/15
Specification:Overall Diameter : 2.8mm
No of Strands : For 19 Strands, 19/0.0.55-56mm
For 37 Strands, 37/0.37mm
Packing: 500m/roll

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212 Pure Nickle Cold Wire


Cold Tail Wire-Multi strands

Material: Pure Nickle
Specification: overall diameter : 3.0mm
No of Strands : 19 Strands, 19/0.61mm
Packing: 500m/roll, 100m/roll

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Heater Repair KitHeater Repair Kit

NiCr80/20 Core heating wire welded with cold tail wire, coming with two 60A male camlock or one male and female camlock connector

80V heater repair kit
60V heater repair kit

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