Chino Temperature Recorder – EH100-12, EH100-06

Temperature Recorder with Steel CaseChino Analogue Recorder –  EH100-12,EH100-06

The12-channel analogue Chino temperature recorder opposite has been selected as ideal for the rigours of site heat treatment. The recorder design is potentiometric, self-compensating for ambient temperature and operates over the temperature range 0-1200°C.

The recorder also can be housed within a rugged steel casing and is fitted with rear polarised socket connections for the widely used Type K thermocouple to compensating lead connections, to prevent reading errors. A flying lead is also fitted to the rear of the case to for the 110VAC input power from the heat treatment transformer.

The internal power supply and chart drive switches are readily accessible. The chart drive can be varied to suit the heat treatment specification or conditions. The temperature charts extend for up to 400 hours for a chart speed of 50mm/hour.The scale and chart are illuminated

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